How to Cope with Post-Travel Depression

Tremendous Times

Sun setting at BRC Airport

Well, folks, I’m back from the Burn! I’m tan, I’m sore, and I’m tired. I’m freshly showered but still dusty, my apartment is quiet but I can still hear bass thumping when I sleep, and I’m feeling equal parts happy and sad to be back in San Francisco.

The 8 days I spent in Black Rock City were more than amazing, and as much as I’d love to word vomit everything about my week right now, I’m going to refrain. The honest truth is that this Burn was incredibly different for me — in many great ways, and a few not-so-great ways. Overall, I had an absolutely fantastic time and am so blessed and humbled from last week, but I’m still processing everything. Please hang tight as I gather my thoughts, because I truly can’t wait to share my Burning Man experiences with you!

I left Burning Man Sunday evening, immediately after…

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