I Just Want You To Know, It’s Gonna Be OK.

john pavlovitz


I may not know you, but I know where you are.

I’ve been in that place, the place where you’re standing this very second, or the one you may not have the strength to even stand in anymore.

It’s that spot that we all get stuck in if we live and love long enough; that suffocating, hopeless, heavy place called Not OK.

Sometimes we see it all coming from a long way off. Sometimes the ominous clouds gather far in the distance, and as much as we try to look away or run away or pray it away, it hits us anyway; cruel and relentless in its fury.

Sometimes it sneaks up on us in the soft brightness of simple joy; jumping out from behind the bushes, and in a vicious second; a phone call, an impact, a decision, we’re there.

The worst part about not being OK, is that once…

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